The Great War

The Nine Planes and The Abyss

The Nine Planes and The Abyss were able to break the seal
that protected Earth, when their plots and schemes finally caused the
destruction of the Barrier(1). This occurred with the deaths of millions, due
to the global nuclear war. A powerful Devil, General Bal, Lord of the first
plane of Hell, performed an epic ritual, the primary component being the death
of Earth. The Ritual he performed destroyed the Barrier that was holding back
their armies, allowing access to the plane on a mass scale.

Only, General Bal was betrayed. A Pit Fiend rival,
Tarnaskar, made a pact with the Abyss, promising them Earth in exchange for the
defeat of the General, and then his own ascension to replace Bal as ruler of
the Plane of Avernus, first of The Nine Planes. The plan almost worked, until
Gideon and Zimmeral were able to partially restore the seal, stopping the
Demons from consuming the planet. A large section of Earth still became another
battlefield for the Blood War, because both armies were trapped behind the

There is an artifact of immense power that can restore the
Barrier, a failsafe that was forged from the deepest elements of the Multiverse.
The Abyss and The Nine Planes seek it, using spies, mercenaries, assassins and
anyone who will work for them, anyone who can operate outside of The Blood Fields,
pass the seal. Gideon and Zimmeral were only able to restore a lesser version
of the seal by tying the power of the artifact with it, if the artifact is
destroyed, so is the seal.

There is only one portal behind the seal granting access to
the planes, the portal to Averus on The Nine Planes. This portal is located
deep in the Gate City, also known as Demon City, the center of The Blood War on
Chaotica. The city and portal are a choke point, as both sides continuously
battle for it so that more troops can be brought in. It is a never ending back
and forth struggle, which is what The Blood War has always been. Each side
wants control of the city and the portal to Averus when the seal falls, so
neither side will ever stop.

The War of Shadow

While demonic forces made their plans, so did the followers
of Shadow and Undeath. The
Shadowdread(2) were able to tear a hole in reality, fusing Chaotica, Earth, The
Plane of Shadow, and The Plane of Negative Energy all with in the Shadow Rift,
connecting the planes to one another. In the middle of these four planes, in
the center of The Shadow Rift, lies the Necropolis, a gift to The Shadowdread
from their dark masters. When the Shadow Rift tore a chasm across the Earth it
consumed the entire western half of America completing the fusion of the four
planes to The Necropolis.

The Shadowdread control one of the greatest cities in the
Multiverse. To travel to any of these four planes, you must pass through The
Necropolis. Obtaining this power is possible when two Barrier worlds, sister
worlds, are connected. This was their plan, to connect the worlds giving them
control of four planes at once, a tactical advantage in the war for Chaotica.

While The Abyss and The Nine Planes were being defeated, The
Shadowdread launched an attack from the Rift which flooded Earth with denizens
of Shadow and the Undead. When they were on the verge of victory, something
happened. The Celestial beings residing in the Seven Heavens took pity in their
heart, because their champion Zimmeral cried out for their help. Knowing without
their aid, he would fall; they intervened, granting Zimmeral avatar status,
allowing the power of Pelor to flow through him, as if Pelor were wielding it
himself. The armies of The Necropolis were driven back by Zimmeral, (and
everyone from the old campaign, I need help with names). Soon after they were turned
on by those that they just saved, surrounded by thousands, Zimmeral and his
group escaped into The Shadow Rift, unable to teleport since the plane was
sealed against planar travel. They were never seen again.

Returning to the Necropolis to lick their wounds and plot their
next move, The Shadowdread decided to just wait. Wait until the humans forget
about them, until the story falls into myth. Mankind will tear itself apart anyway,
they always do, and now their world is practically a dead planet. Hope will
fade. All they have to do is be patient and wait; they have all the time in the
One century later, they set their plans in motion.

The Great War

Chaotica Razu