Because of the tone of this campaign, depending on your class/race your character will be placed under a certain social grouping, or faction. This grouping does not determine the actions of your character, humans have always feared and separated themselves into groups. That reality has not changed in this world. These factions are basically the “races” of Chaotica. Mutants, Undead and Hell-Spawn are the only factions that can have non human appearance.

There is always war or constant tension between these factions depending on the region and situation.

Purebloods- Arcane-
Humans- Martial
Highbloods- Divine
Mutants- Psionics-
Lowbloods- Primal
Undead- any class
Hell-spawn- any class, Blackguards are always Hell-Spawn.

Non Human Races are very rare and usually end up in the Hell-spawn or Mutant faction in terms of social groupings. Any non human “race” will be more difficult to play in certain areas of the land.

Mutants, Undead, and Hell-Spawn (anything non human in appearance) are the most hated social grouping in Chaotica, and in many of the areas controlled by the other factions, they are kill on sight. Example: A powerful clan of Purebloods will not share their knowledge or help a non human character, even if they are an arcane user and would normally be grouped as a Pureblood. If they have not first proven themselves in some way, the Purebloods might even attempt to kill that character.


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