There is a Multiverse, with infinite planes of existence. This is the story of two worlds, sister planets connected by the cosmos, revealed to each other by an unending planar war. The heroes that protected the seal that stopped the tide of the armies of Hell and the hordes of the Abyss, were overwhelmed and their defenses failed. The Blood War finally entered Earth, where trickery, deceit, and fear led to global nuclear holocaust in the year 2070. They came for something, bringing their war with them, tearing a scar across the face of the landscape. Both worlds became truly connected when The Shadow Rift of Chaotica opened on Earth, devouring the western half of North America, connecting both worlds, essentially becoming one.

This story begins 100 years after the apocalypse. A nightmare wasteland where forces still work to gain control of this world. What lies ahead is unknown. Nothing is the same.

(Post Apocalyptic America—— Razu style)

Check comments, adventure logs, and the wiki to get the basic info. Message me on Facebook or here if you have any questions and need more info.


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